Van Horebeek Claims Belgian MX2 Title

Jeremy Van Horebeek took his second consecutive Belgian MX2 Championship today at Mont-Saint-Guibert. The Champ-KTM took both heat wins and proved by doing so that he is Belgium’s MX2 top deog. Next weekend Van Horenbeek will be part of the Belgian team for the Red Bull MX of Nations in Donington Park, UK. Van Horebeek leads his Champ-KTM team mate Joël Roelants in the final point standings of the Radson MX2 Trophy.   Third is Shineray-Yamaha’s Dennis Verbruggen.

Reeks1: Jeremy Van Horebeek took the MXWorld holeshot Award but had to give the lead to Russian Bobryshev.  Behind the leading duo Dennis Verbruggen sprung up a surprise aboard his two stroke Shineray-Yamaha.  Stefan Everts’s protégé Hugo Basaula had a huge crash in the downhill to the finish line  just when he was closing in on the leaders.  Meanwhile Joël Roelants had to fight himself trough the pack to set his sights on  Verbruggen.  Bobryshev’s  engine packed up and Van Horebeek took the heat win and his second Belgian MX2 title. Behind him Roelants overtook his fellow villager Verbruggen in the closing stages.

Reeks 2: Jeremy Van Horebeek  took the lead from the early stages of heat two, whilst Champ-KTM team mate Joël Roelants lay in second. Bobryshev tried to close in on the leading duo but couldn’t. Verbruggen kept his ground despite a difference in displacement of over 100cc het ook 4th and would end 3rd in the championship.

Post race quotes
Jeremy Van Horebeek (Winner – 2008 Belgian MX2 Champion):
“I wasn’t prepared to put the title at stake so I didn’t push Bobryshev, who seemed a bit wild. Then he made a mistake and I took full benefit, winning the heat and taking the title in the process. I m pretty stoked with my second title but on the other hand I would have liked to be on the podium of a GP this season. It simply didn’t work out! ”

Joël Roelants (second – runner up):
“I’m well miffed with myself. I just wasn’t up to my usual standard.  I got a cold after Faenza. Thursday and Friday were spent coughing. On the other hand, I liked the track today.”

Dennis Verbruggen (third –  third in the championship) :
“Everything went well. I took the two stroke for fun. It enabled me to ride more relaxed. My starts weren’t good but I could work my way up.

1. Van Horebeek, 2. Roelants, 3.Verbruggen, 4. Collet, 5.  Wybo, 6. Naué, 7. Andries, 8. Fors, 9. Vandueren, 10. Triest

1. Van Horebeek, 2. Roelants, 3. Bobryshev, 4. Verbruggen, 5. Wouts, 6. Wybo, 7. Potisek, 8.  Delince, 9. Triest, 10. Collet

Jeremy Van Horebeek 50 pt, 2. Joël Roelants  44 pt, 3. Dennis Verbruggen 38 pt,  4. Jurgen Wybo 31 pt, 5. Vincent Collet 29 pt, 6. Kevin Wouts 26 pt, 7. Sacha Naudé 25 pt, 8. Nick Triest 23 pt, 9. Evgeniy Bobryshev 20 pt, 10. Kevin Fors 19 pt  

1. Jeremy Van Horebeek 261 ptn, 2. Joël Roelants 222 ptn, 3. Dennis Verbruggen 138 ptn, 4. Nick Triest  122 ptn, 5. Jurgen Wybo 121 ptn, 6. Kevin Wouts 118 pt, 7. Sacha Naudé 77 ptn, 8.  Jimmy Huysmans 72 ptn, 9. Dennis Deckx 68 ptn, 10. Jordi-Paez Dominguez 62 ptn