Privateer Profile: Steven Houser

September 11, 2008 6:02pm | by:
Steven Houser is the fastest guy in his hometown of Mooresboro, North Carolina. But at the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship he is just one of forty talented riders trying to be the best. Steven found out just how hard pro racing was this year as he made his foray into the professional ranks. He earned his pro motocross license just before the outdoor season started and made plans to attend most of the east coast rounds. Next on his schedule: arenacross and supercross.

Racer X: Steven, tell us a little about yourself.
Steven Houser: I’m eighteen now and I started racing when I was five. My buddy got me into it. I went to his house and he had a dirt bike. I rode it and fell in love with racing right then and I’ve been doing it ever since.

  • Steven Houser
Was this your first year as a pro?
I started off running the A class last year and I just got my pro license at the beginning of this year.

Did you do any supercross in 2008?
No, I got my 80 points to get a motocross license just before the season started. My first race was High Point and I did that one, Millville, Red Bud, Budds Creek and Steel City.

How did they go?
My best finish was a 22nd at Budds Creek, but I made every main except Millville. I had some bad luck and didn’t get in to that one.

You aren’t far from the JGRMX compound. Do you ride with them at all?
I’ve been out there a few times and rode with them. I rode with Josh (Summey) before I even turned pro out at Iron City. He used to come out there when he was with Moto XXX and we rode together a lot. He lives in Statesville, which is only an hour away from me. I haven’t seen him lately though.

What are your plans for next season?
I’m shooting for a championship in a local series down here. Then I’m going to jump into some arenacross to get ready for supercross. I haven’t ridden tight stuff like that before.

What do you have to do in order to get your supercross license now?
I can get it now because I qualified for nationals.

Perfect. How many supercross rounds will you make?
I’m trying to get to all the east coast rounds and do the Lites class. I’d rather run the Lites class and get my name out there. I’ll have a little better chance I think.

  • Steven Houser at Budds Creek
  • Houser battles with Gavin Gracyk (273) and Jase Lewis at High Point
  • Houser qualified for four nationals in the 450 class
What else do you do out there in Mooresboro?
Not much. I do a lot of training and riding and that’s about it. I try to do some local riding schools to earn money for the nationals. There are a few families here that let me teach their kids and it helps me a lot.

Are there any other pros there you ride with?
I ride with PJ Larsen some. He comes out to Tommy McSwain’s house when he’s healthy and we all ride together.

What is the hardest part about transitioning to pro racing?
For me it is trying to find that little bit of extra speed everywhere. All the riders are so equal you have to find that little edge. Around here I’m the fastest cat but everywhere else it’s like, Man, I need to find some more speed. For me, that is what I’m working on.

Who helps you out, Steven?
Mom and Dad and my sister are my biggest supporters. Alpha Motorsports, Scott, 661, Yoshimura, Dunlop, Twin Air, Vaughan at Fly, Tony Burgess at Vortex Racing, Greg Spearman at Spearman Electric, Jeff Means, Dave at Cal Graphics, Troy at BDR Racing, Steve and Shea Moose, my girlfriend Kristin, my wingman Chase Moose and all my friends and family are big supporters. Also, my orthopedic doctor, Dr. Stuckey, has put me together a few times and I appreciate that.