Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Dietrich and Abbott Finish Strong at ISDE

Irvine, Calif. – Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ricky Dietrich and Destry Abbott ended competition of the rigorous International Six-Day Enduro in Serres, Greece on Saturday, with Dietrich finishing a remarkable second in both the  E1 class and overall amongst all the World Trophy competitors. Abbott made a great run on the last day to move up to ninth in the E2 class standings and finish 22nd overall. As a team, USA was able to earn the bronze medal with third overall.

Kawasaki Under the Tent

Beyond Expectations
Coming into his first World Trophy ISDE, Dietrich knew he could fair well against the competition, but had no specific goal about where he would finish in his class or in the World Trophy overall. He definitely exceeded his expectations when he won a test on day three and finished the race week second overall in the world.

“I sat down before the race with Kurt (Caselli) and looked at who I had in my specific class to beat,” said Dietrich. “That was my main focus. Getting second in my class was great, but second overall in the World Trophy competition is amazing. I definitely exceeded all my expectations this week.”

Carrying the Team
On day three of the week, the USA team lost their captain and top competitor Kurt Caselli. After Caselli crashed, Dietrich unselfishly rode with Caselli all the way to a checkpoint to make sure he made it back safely. From that day on, the youngest member of the USA team became the leader and consistently put in top times for the group.

USA E2 Finisher
Abbott was a constant threat in the E2 class on his Kawasaki KX™450F. On day five, Abbott sat 11th and on day six broke into the top-10 to finished ninth overall in the E2 class.

“I wanted to finish a little better, but with the great riders that are here this year I am definitely happy,” said Abbott. “It was a good week and I think the team pulled together really well with Kurt having to sit out the final few days.”

Returning Member Abbott
Abbott made his return to the USA Trophy Team for his fifth-career appearance. He has been a part of two gold medal teams and this year he knew the team had a great chance of getting on the podium.

“This year was great because our team really gelled and connected compared to other teams I have been on in the past,” said Abbott. “It was such a bummer to lose Kurt, but we grouped together and knew we all needed to pull our weight and get good times. I think this year was a great combination of riders and it seemed to show throughout the week.”

Jeff Fredette
Returning for an impressive 28th-career ISDE, Kawasaki rider Jeff Fredette rode in the Club competition for the JAFMAR Racing team.

What Now?
With little time to adjust, Dietrich and Abbott will join their Monster Energy Kawasaki teammate Damon Huffman in Florence, S.C. for the third round of the AMA EnduroCross series on September 13. Dietrich currently leads the series, while Huffman is right behind him in second.

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International Six-Day Enduro
Serres, Greece
September 1-6, 2008

E1 Class Final Standings
1. Ivan Cervantes, Spain
3. Julien Gautier, France
4. Thomas Oldrati, Italy
5. Maurizio, Micheluz, Italy
6. Simon Albertgoni, Italy
7. Jordan Curvalle, France
8. Michal Szuster, Poland
9. Mike Hartmann, Germany
10. Roni Nikander, Sweeden

E2 Class Final Standings
1. Alessandro Belometti, Italy
2. Rodrig Thain, France
3. Fabrizio Dini, Italy
4. Fabio Mossini, Italy
5. Osacr Balleti, Italy
6. Christopher Hollis, Australia
7. Bjorne Carlsson, Sweden
8. Oriol Mena, Spain
10. Valtteri Salonen, Finland

ISDE Overall Standings
1. Ivan Cervantes, Spain
3. Marko Tarkkala, Finland
4. Sebastien Guillaume, France
5. Christophe Nambotin, France
6. Alessandro Belometti, Italy
7. Stefan Merriman, Australia
8. Rodrig Thain, France
9. Fabrizio Dini, Italy
10. Julien Gautier, France

World Trophy Team Standings
1. France
2. Italy
3. USA
4. Spain
5. Finland
6. Australia
7. Sweden
8. Germany
9. Netherlands
10. Poland