Racer X Tested: 2009 Kawasaki KX250F

September 3, 2008 11:53pm | by:

  • 2009 Kawasaki KX250F
  • Rynoland
  • “I like the motor on this bike. The engine felt really strong compared to last years model.”
  • “The suspension is set up for a lighter or slower rider. It is very soft and forgiving. Faster or bigger riders will want the clickers turned in.”
The 2009 models are here, and we recently got a chance to ride Kawasaki’s new KX250F. This bike has had unimaginable success over the years in the hands of the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit team. In fact, they’ve won nine AMA Supercross Lites and Motocross Lites championships since 2004. But they aren’t resting on their laurels. The 2009 model has been drastically changed from last year, and Kawasaki hopes the changes will keep those #1 plates rolling in.

We enlisted Jet Ski world champion/Thor rep/vet intermediate rider Victor Sheldon to ride the bike and share his notes with us. We were at a track called Rynoland in Anza, California, that turned out to be a great facility and a very fun course. Before we turned Victor loose, we got a rundown on the changes that were made for ‘09.

  • “The turning is a really strong point for the KX250F. I could lay it over really easy in the turns.”
  • “The motor had plenty of torque to pull the front end up when I needed to. That is something that some 250F’s struggle with. Not this bike.”
  • “It feels really narrow and comfortable to sit on and ride; that with the decreased weight this year make it a very nimble bike.”
Kawasaki started with a new frame, cutting over 2 pounds out of the frame alone and giving it a slimmer feel through the center of the bike. It also helps with stability, with better rigidity balance. They added a completely new swingarm to go with the frame—it is now lighter and more tapered, improving traction and drive at the rear wheel.

From there, the motor got a major facelift. Changes include a new cylinder head with redesigned intake ports, new titanium valves, a revised crank web, new water-jacket routing (for increased cooling capacity), decreased engine-oil volume, improved transmission, revised scavenge-pump screen, new gearshift mechanism, new clutch-cable holder, titanium tapered exhaust system, new skid plate, new chain guide, new 50mm footpegs, new seat design, and all-new bodywork. And now the 250F comes with titanium-coated inner tubes on the forks, just like the Kawasaki KX450F. Suspension changes also include new outer fork tubes, new upper triple clamps, new offset on the clamps, revised damping settings, new fork guards, new rear-shock body, and revised shock damping. And in an industry first, you can also buy the Monster Energy edition of the KX250F, which comes with all-black plastic, green hubs, and the Monster Claw logo on the shrouds for an extra $200.

What did Victor think of the 2009 KX250F? Check out his quotes in the captions below:

The 2009 Kawasaki KX250F will once again be a competitive bike in the motocross market. For more details on the new Kawasaki lineup, see your local dealer or visit www.kawasaki.com. Stay tuned for the Racer X Tested 250F Shootout, which is right around the corner.