FREE Stickers at RedBud!


Are you going to Reddddd Budddd this weekend for Round 5 of the 2008 AMA Toyota Motocross Championships? If you are, there's something new at the Racer X trailer that you don't want to miss: The new Racer X National stickers!

This year’s license plate stickers will be available beginning first thing Saturday morning at both the Racer X trailer and the Toyota Zone. We only make a limited quantity for each event, so come by early and often!

Free sunshade if you renew or subscribe to Racer X!

Also when you sign up or renew your subscription to Racer X Illustrated (one year for $19.98) you will get a limited-edition Smooth Industries Sunshade, an Outdoor National series poster, 13 issues of Racer X, and a chance to win an autographed jersey. So look for Racer X on vendor row!

Free poster!

Get the new issue of Racer X at RedBud!