Your Collection

May 31, 2008 12:00pm

This week's collection comes from Kelly Skeen of Sandy, Utah:

My mother has always been a wonderful seamstress. In 1973 I was 13 years old and wanted one of the unbeatable new Honda Elsinore 125s so bad, my teeth hurt. I had a Honda CT70 at the time and for you old schoolers, you know that was not really the hot setup for riding motocross. My mom knew how much I liked the Elsinore, that she made this shirt for me.

She designed the graphics and everything! She called me  "Honda Kelly" and hand-sewed a bike doing a cross-up on the back (with dirt below and track banners on the right side) and with my "Name," and then  "Elsinore 125" on front. I thought it was the coolest and wore it to school proudly! My mom is nearly 80 years old now but I kept the shirt all these years and is definitely part of my collection.

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