Bel-ray Announces New Career Page on Website

May 27, 2008 1:57pm

May 23, 2008–In its phase of strategic branding that began in 2006 with a new logo and visual identity, Bel-Ray Company, Inc. launched a redesign of its website and since has continued to grow and expand the site’s content and user friendliness.

The newest addition to the website is the Career Page which offers a list of jobs currently open at Bel-Ray. The page allows you to navigate through the jobs and submit online applications to the company.

“We have had tremendous online success since the redesign and launch of our website. This new page is just one of many new ones to come this year. We are hoping that the Career Page will stimulate applications from qualified and industry related candidates,” said Anna Roberts, Bel-Ray’s Marketing Manager. The bold, freshly designed site ( currently provides excellent technical information about A products, expanded information about Bel-Ray news and events, a full section devoted to Bel-Ray’s racers and riders, and a Contact Us page that displays all Bel-Ray’s international distributors. One of the most important features of the website is a search that allows visitors to find any Bel-Ray product in which they are interested.

The Consumer product page also features six different product placement charts which demonstrate the Bel-Ray products that should be used on different parts of a bike. Bel-Ray will continue to update its website including a Bel-Ray dealer locator, industrial product placement feature and mining field performance button. Be sure to continue to check in and send us an email with your comments.