Twitch Wins Rio Red Bull X-Fighters

May 21, 2008 6:37am

Stenberg steps up and knocks off X-Fighters series leader Rebeaud, moves into 2nd place overall after two events

CARLSBAD, Calif., (May 20, 2008) – Spy Optic’s representative in the world of freestyle motocross, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, kicked some ass on the recent Red Bull X-Fighters’ tour stop in Brazil, taking it to series points leader Mat Rebeaud (France) and Spaniard Dany Torres in front of 30,000 fans at Sambadrom of Rio de Janeiro.

Stenberg, who finished 2nd at the recent ESPN Moto-X freestyle competition in San Diego yet somehow entered the Rio event as an underdog, included the usual insane arsenal of tricks cooked up in the secretive Metal Mulisha compound in order to dispose of the global competition. Multiple back flip variations and something tweaked or whipped or wheelied on every other hit in the massive 300-foot long FMX park. At one point Stenberg, who also skateboards pretty well, pulled a nose manual across the X-Fighters’ light stage – leaving Rebeaud and Torres gape-jawed.

“Representing with Spy in Rio – Yeah!,” said Stenberg as the video rolled and flashes popped on the floor of Sambadrom of Rio de Janeiro.

As it stands Stenberg’s in 2nd place overall in the series, trailing Rebeaud 180 to 155.

Next up for Stenberg on the Red Bull X-Fighters tour is the FMX Meets Rodeo event in Ft. Worth, Texas, June 14th, round three of the five round international freestyle motocross series.