Save Clear Creek

I am sorry to report that effective May 1, 2008 - "Clear Creek" (near Hollister, CA- home of the Quicksilver National Enduro) will be closed to all access, due to the US Environmental Protection Agency giving direction to BLM Hollister Field Unit to take this draconian action immediately.

The new buzzword in PUT UP OR SHUT UP! and this relates to the defense and offensive against what has happened.
Money is the key, and the key we need is very expensive. The BEST thing OHV folks can do right now is open up their wallets. Their are millions of us that recreate via OHV, and if we can get our people to kick in just a little, we can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions, the fight for our rights.
We MUST exercise our options in a legal, and professional manner.

Show the general public we are family oriented off road recreationists, and we are responsible. What has happened to us, and is very unfair, and OHV will fight back, but we will fight back without casting a dark shadow on our sport, on our recreation choice, and we will fight back with a fever that nobody has ever seen before.

So, take your anger out on YOUR elected officials, as they are the ones who put the decision makers in the positions they hold. Send those letters, emails and phone calls to them, BUT, have your FACTS straight. Raise the issues, and demand from them what THEY are going to do to protect YOU, the recreationist.
If you wish, you can send a donation to AMA’s District 36 LAO (legislative action officer).  On the check, make a notation the money is for “CLEAR CREEK LEGAL DEFENSE.”

Make payments out to "District 36"
PO Box 1165
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-1165

D36 will insure the right people get these funds, as right now discussions are taking place for the creation of said funds with our CLORV partners and other major National OHV access organizations. 100% of your donation will go to CCMA only, with no overhead costs.

Environmental Protection Agency - report

District 36 website:

What will YOU do to help? Today Clear Creek, tomorrow who is next?????