Birthdays from May 12 to May 18

May 9, 2008 12:06pm

May 12: DeCal Works' Darrell Phillips.

May 13: Billy Whitley was a really fast pro back in the day. After taking some time off, Whitley came back, and won three championships at Loretta Lynn’s in the Vet classes. Whitley has also won countless Arenacross championships as a Team Manager and now he is the main man for the Cernic’s Kawasaki team.


May 15: Joe Oehlhof is one of those guys who never backs down from a challenge. He has been battling the factory guys for years and he even came back from a serious neck injury last year. If you’re at an outdoor national this year, make sure you cheer on the #88.

May 15: Winner’s Choice’s Tyler Martin.


May 15: GNCC competitor, Brett Forman.


May 16:
Broc Glover is one of the all-time greats in AMA Motocross. Glover earned six AMA National Motocross Championships. Now, Glover is one of the top guys at Dunlop tires.

May 16: FMX Rider Dustin Miller.


May 16: Pro Moto Billet's, Will Huffman.

May 16: Troy Lee Designs’ Laurette Cushman.




May 16: Two-time Loretta Lynn’s champion Tyler Wharton will be making his presence known in the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship series this summer.

May 16: FMX Rider Bryan Dowdy.

May 17: KTM’s Darrin “Rookie” Sorenson.

May 17: Privateer Ryan Abrigo.

May 17: FMX Rider Jeff Winstead.


May 18: GNCC competitor, Kenneth Vest.



May 18: Tyler McSwain is a three-time Loretta Lynn’s champion. He is also one of the up-and-coming stars of the future.


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