Merge Loves Kevin Windham

This past weekend in Seattle in front of 48,328 rabid supercross fans, Torco Racing Fuels' Kevin Windham won once again and further tightened the points race. Why do we love KW here at Merge Racing technologies? Because he runs our patent-pending Adjustable Leak Jet (ALJ) on his Honda CRF 450. Kevin had a choice this year for all of his motor modifications and he chose to run our ALJ, and we would say that with Seattle being his fourth win of the season-he chose the right mods!

If you would like th exact same part that Kevin Windham runs, go and check it out. The ALJ and all of our products are distributed by Tucker Rocky in America and Motovan in Canada. Go out to your local dealer and get "merged" up!

Steve Matthes  805-377-2781