Birthdays from April 28 to May 4

April 27, 2008 5:19pm

April 28: In the ‘80s, Michigan’s Keith Bowen was a top Yamaha Factory rider. Week in and week out, he went to battle with the likes of Bailey, Wardy, Lechien, and Johnson. Bowen never won a title, but he was a consistent top-five finisher. Today, he’s a sales representative for Western Powersports.

April 28: GNCC competitor, Brandon Maxwell.

April 29: FMX rider Jimmie McGuire.

April 30: Fuel's Shane Gould.

April 30: Loretta Lynn’s alumni, Logan Rogers.

May 1: Mike Brown, the 2001 125cc National Champion, has been a professional racer for almost two decades. The Lites-class specialist has been in some amazing battles with guys like Hughes, Henry, Lamson, Stewart, and Langston, just to name a few. Last year, Brownie decided to head over to Europe and raced the GPs for the CAS Honda team. He won the British Championship and finished strong in the World Championship MX2 class. Brown stayed in Europe and is looking to win the MX1 class.

May 1: Longtime Japanese racer Akira Narita.

May 1: So far in 2008, MDK/KTM’s Matt Goerke hasn’t found the speed and consistency to be on the podium in the Lites class. Don’t count Goerke out, though, because he’ll likely find his groove when we head into the AMA Toyota Motocross Championships.

May 1: MX Sports’ Rebecca Cann.

May 2: GNCC competitor, Matt Pursley.

May 2: MX Hitchcover's Chris Anderson.

May 3: Carlos Rivera has been Davi Millsaps’ mechanic since he was an amateur at Suzuki. Rivera has proven that he’s one of the hardest-working mechanics on the circuit, and there’s no question that he and Davi have great chemistry.

May 3: Hinson Clutch Component's Bryan Hinson.

May 3:
Redux Beverages/Brawndo/Team Solitaire/MB1 Honda's head mechanic, Jesse Black.

May 3: Loretta Lynn’s alumni, Brandon Hogan.

May 3: LA Sleeve's Mark Kalpakoff.

May 4: Suomy Helmets’ Rick Marlin.

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