MX Sports Medicine Teams with Edge Racing Products

In order to move to the next level in motocross racing, proper training, stretching, and injury recovery are essential ingredients to a successful program.  Using a one-size-fits-all generic workout routine will leave you back at the starting gate while your competition moves ahead.

The Trainers at MX Sports Medicine will analyze information gathered from your application and personal interview.  They will develop an individualized program to enable you to achieve your fitness goals.

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MX SPORTS MEDICINE is a sports medicine program that provides the pro riders with the evaluation and treatment of sports injuries that riders are subject to as their level of competitiveness increases. Our goal is to keep riders healthy so that the rider and sport continues to thrive. In order to insure the programs success, funding is needed for the purchase of equipment and supplies. MX SPORTS MEDICINE is currently seeking sponsorship from a private or corporate sponsor who like to be a part of our program. We offer several different sponsorship packages to suit your companies needs. For more information pertaining to sponsorship, series event coverage, or injury questions, please call MX SPORTS MEDICINE at (501)278-5326.

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MX Connections is an organization formed to support companies looking to advertise in live action sports with contact information for race teams, media, and event promoters who participate in professional motorcycle racing. Once you become part of the MX Connections family, we will include you in our direct promotion activities to help the right advertising campaigns find you. To allow MX Connections to begin making connections for you, contact us at or at email us at .