Your Collection

This week's collection comes from Michael Snoddy:

"This is a real low hour 1980 Honda CR250R Elsinore. It was the first model to come off the assembly line of Honda of America Manufacturing according to Honda RedRider Magazine (July/August 2002 and May/June 2007). 

I bought it from a vintage racing friend of the TVRC here in Texas that had it stored in his machine shop. The major exception to being all original is I had the frame, swingarm, and shock springs powder-coated. Those parts had some typical boot rubbing, nicks, and scratches but the paint was real dull and faded and I could not polish it out satisfactorily. I hated to do the powder-coating but the rest of the bike was so near perfect I could not help but do it. It even has the original paint on the pipe and that crazy red motor. The only other non-original items on the bike are the stickers, number-plate backgrounds, chain, and Dunlop 752s. I just love the look of the mass quantity of red on these era Hondas. I had planned on vintage racing it, but now........? Maybe I'll just do one of your modern Mugen replicas as I have a buddy with a powder coating shop!"

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