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Hi Ping,
I was watching school cancellations during a snow storm and I almost blew a gasket when I saw "Pingree School" closed. So I went online and checked out this school. Well, imagine my surprise when I found out it is a finishing school. Ummm, any relation? Say it aint so!! We don't need them ruining your good name!!
Eric 181

Dear Eric,

Yeah, in all my spare time, I own and operate a finishing school somewhere in the northern part of the country. We specialize in polishing the children’s sense of sarcasm and cynicism while working on their humorous, pointed comments toward others. P.E. is optional but there is a dessert and pastry-making class that is mandatory for all students. There are regular weekend workshops based around my little-known literary release, Unleashing Your Inner A-Hole. It is a must-read. I’m not sure what kind of guy sits around all day watching school cancellations on television and then looking up curiously named institutions online in his spare time, but it sounds like your kids should definitely enroll in the Pingree Finishing School. Sign up now!

 What is MX and SX gonna sound like when electric bikes come out and are faster than gas bikes? Can you imagine a bike with a torque curve that starts out at the peak and doesn’t taper off? No more 1,000 bumble bee starts, no more panic revs, no more premix smell.... At least it will be easier to get the beer man’s attention.
Nate De Luca

Dear Nate,
I’ve never given that any thought. Though, given your background, I imagine it is something that you can see happening in the distant future. I just imagined what a supercross race would sound like with no engine noise, and it’s not good. Aside from the occasional squeaking brake and the thud of the bikes landing from jumps, it will be awkwardly silent. And if a guy crashes and gets hurt you’ll be able to hear him gasp for air then scream in pain all the way up in the cheap seats. And at the nationals you’ll be able to hear every word of every conversation that all the spectators are having around the track. The lack of sound will suck! The sound of the engines is a big part of the adrenaline rush you get when watching a race. The day everything goes electric in this sport is the day I quit riding. Of course, I should be dead by then, so I’m not going to get too worked up over it. Have a nice day.

Hey Ping!
I’m a big fan of your riding, and humor. I have some questions for you:
1. Does Davi Millsaps's donut works just as well as the Leatt Brace or better?
2. Why are Jeff Emig and Ralph Shaheen still announcing motocross/supercross? They're boring the s*!t out of everyone. European announcers and Canadian announcers are way better.
3. Did you think the new TGO 2007 was pretty lame and boring? I know I did. No rock or hip hop to get you pumped up or excited about the sport, just a monotone narrator.
4. Which motocross state would you rather live in: California, Texas, or Florida?
5. Why does the AMA come up with some of the dumbest rules? Like the starting block issue, were short riders had to look for natural rocks or wood to use as starting blocks? They’re pretty anal about everything.
Thanks, Ping!!
Louis 444

Dear Louis,

The Leatt-Brace works better than the donut!

photo: Carl Stone

Thanks for the support. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.
1. No, Davi’s donut does not work as well as a Leatt-Brace or a comparable neck brace. The donut that Davi wore was just to provide some cushion between his helmet and collarbone. It takes very little pressure to break your collarbone, especially when the edge of your helmet presses down on it in a crash. Davi has been wearing a Leatt-Brace lately and I assume he will stick with it.
2. I don’t really know what to say to this. Send your opinion to Speed, I guess.
3. I actually liked TGO. It was a different vibe and perspective than other moto videos. I guess that is the reason I liked it.
4. None of the above.
5. That is what they do best. That particular rule only makes short guys angry, so I completely understand.

Hope that answers all your biggest life questions, Louis. I love your candor.


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