MDK Toronto Race Report

March 31, 2008 6:48am

Round 12: March 29, 2008
Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada 

Round 12 of the Supercross series landed in Toronto, Canada with MDK/WWR sending their premier class team riders to do battle. Since the Lites class wasn’t a championship points event for either coast, all MDK/WWR Lites team riders stayed home except MDK Speed/WWR’s Colt Humphrey.

Heath Voss

The Toronto track saw a much softer base approximating to sand. The track broke down fast with deep ruts and rough barking bumps forming everywhere.

Timed qualifying saw MDK/WWR’s Jiri Dostal setting the fastest lap time of all the team riders. MDK/WWR’s Captain Heath Voss (sponsored by the Air Force and Mastercraft) was the next fastest qualifier followed by MDK/WWR’s Joe Oehlhof and MDK Speed/WWR’s Manu Rivas.

In the second Supercross heat of the night, MDK/WWR’s Jiri Dostal finished 10th again for the 7th time this season, just missing a direct shot to the main event! Voss and Dostal rebounded to stellar finishes in the LCQ, placing 1st and 2nd to take the final two transfer spots.

MDK Speed/WWR’s Colt Humphrey qualified directly from the heat race into the main. In the main event, Colt finished a respectable 13th, making it his best finish of the year.

The Supercross main event saw Heath Voss finishing 15th and Jiri Dostal in 19th on the rough and rutted sandy track.

MDK/WWR’s Heath Voss now sits 12th overall in the Supercross class points standings.

Of the 5 MDK/WWR riders pitted out of the DeCal Works Hog Haven, 3 made the main events in their respective classes. The Ride Smooth Award, presented by Smooth Industries, went to Colt Humphrey as the top Lites finisher. In the Supercross class Heath Voss was the top placing rider of the MDK/WWR team.

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