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Hey, Ping!
I was just wondering what exactly is wrong with the other kids and parents at the track (not all but most). My daughter worked all summer as the only girl in a motorcycle shop to get her 2003 KX85. I'll be the first to admit that I don’t like her racing motocross or hare scrambles or whatever other race she finds. Who wants to see their kid flip over the handlebars in fourth gear? Plus, who can afford it? As such, she pays for everything: gas, race fees, handlebars, etc. Some days she get up at 5:30am for school and is changing the oil filter in her uniform if there’s time before she leaves and she doesn’t get home from work until after midnight. Then, she’s up at five the next morning. She works hard for the sport she loves. The bike in question has seen better days but it still runs pretty good. I can't tell you how many times someone has asked my daughter or me when she's going to get a new one. I'd love to upgrade her to a 125 (she clearly has outgrown the 85, and as much as I dislike the sport, I can see how much joy she gets out of it), but financially it’s just not possible. The money tree out back is clearly stunted in its growth. I really doubt that these kids can juggle the life my kid has, and yet here they are telling my daughter that she should get a new bike. I’m guessing these kids never had to buy their own bike and parts or do all the maintenance. Or run to work 45 minutes after they just drove two hours back from a race with a gash down their leg from someone else’s foot peg. What ever happened to parents making their kids work a little for something they wanted? What are we teaching our kids? That if they want something bad enough, poof, it's theirs?

Dear Keith,

Your daughter can be the next Sarah Whitmore!

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First of all, it sounds like you need to adjust your attitude about the sport that your daughter loves so much. Maybe you would rather have her involved in some other sport, but this is the one she is passionate about. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for a kid her age to get up that early and work those kinds of hours? I don’t even do that. She is clearly committed to racing motorcycles. And if you weren’t so busy pissing and moaning about her sport of choice, you would see that motocross (or off-road or whatever) is an amazing family activity. It is a great way to spend time with your daughter doing something she loves. Maybe you’d rather have her hanging out at parties and coming home hammered drunk in the middle of the night. No? Well, then I think it’s time you started supporting her decision to ride and race. If she’s willing to work for it and take the risk of doing it, then don’t discourage her. Now, as far as other kids go, I think for the most part you are right on the money. Many kids, motocross racers or otherwise, are spoiled little brats that need to have their back porches painted red. But this country has pulled the classic overcorrection when it comes to political correctness. As funny as Blazing Saddles was, it was probably a little over the line. But now, if you spank your kids you are considered a monster and shamed by overprotective, coddling parents everywhere. Well, if my little girls earn it, they are going to get their butts smacked by the business end of my hand. I might get a few dirty looks or head-shakes from other parents, but it won’t be my kids throwing temper tantrums in public and being disrespectful. There’s nothing you can do about the way other people raise their kids, Keith, but you can control the way you raise yours. It sounds like you have an amazing daughter with an incredible work ethic. I hope you start to see the value of spending time with her at the race track.


Yes, it's always that round.

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I like reading your material; It’s perfect for doing my business on the bowl or reading online while at work. But I have to tell you, you sound like a douche every time you use the slang term "Anyhoo." Think about it: What self-respecting "cool guy" says "Anyhoo?” That's tool diction. Otherwise, keep up the good work.
Nick Noviski
P.S. When you're in shape, is your face still round and chubby?

Dear Nick,
I like “Anyhoo.” Don't know why...maybe I'm a tool. I'll keep it to a minimum for you, though, and yes, my face is always that round. So, to recap, I'm a tool with a fat, round face. Have a great day. I’m going to go plug in my toaster and jump in the bathtub with it.

Hey Ping,
Uh…I just read the press release on the ‘08 Troy Lee Supermoto team and, somehow, your name wasn't mentioned. After what you did last year you didn't get re-signed? Are you kidding me?? WTF???
North Carolina

Dear JP,
Man, that’s nice of you to get all concerned for me. But before you go sending TLD a pipe bomb or an anthrax-laced envelope, let me explain what happened. Troy and the guys did offer me a spot on the team this year. Jeff Ward decided that he wasn’t done racing yet, so he was the first guy to sign up for 2008. The remaining spot was offered to me but I ended up signing with a new team called Azteq Racing. There are no hard feelings between any of us, I just had a great opportunity with this new venture and I decided to take it. I’ll still be working with many of the same people including my mechanic from last year, Mitch, Pro Circuit, Dunlop and many others. All of the crew at Troy Lee Designs are friends of mine and I’m sure we’ll still be working together in some capacity. But I will hang on to your email address in case they upset me later in the year. Thanks JP.


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