Merge Racing Technologies 2008 Product Line

February 12, 2008 12:10pm

Merge Racing Technologies is pleased and proud to announce their additions to the 2008 product line to improve the performance of motocross and off-road motorcycles and ATVs.

RRS Rising Rate Spring

The front forks on motorcycles are equipped with cartridge springs that increase resistance in a linear progression as the forks are compressed.  The Merge RRS provides a performance curve to increase the resistance of the valving as the fork goes through their travel, creating a suppler feel over square edge bumps while maintaining resistance to bottoming. It’s like linkage for your forks. The factories have been adjusting this spring for years, now it’s your turn. Retail $59.99.

HPL Hydraulic Preload

The most important step to setup a motorcycle to handle properly is to set the rear sag.  Professional racers and their mechanics check and set the sag before each practice and race.  The majority of motorcycle owners do not like to beat on their motorcycle with a punch and hammer, so they only set the sag once.  The Merge HPL allows the sag to be easily adjusted in seconds with just a t-handle, and has a 15mm range of adjustment to accommodate different tracks, changing conditions and rider preferences.  Retail $225.00

FMS Fuel Mixture Screw

The fuel mixture screw is critical and its adjustment should be done every time you ride. The Merge FMS has a unique “T” shape to it that always allows the rider to have positive action on the fuel screw, even with gloves on.  The Merge FMS is made of brass, and has an improved fit for better resistance to backing out due to vibration.  The best feature for most riders is the Merge FMS is supplied with the spring, O-ring and washer so you don’t have to worry about losing the stock ones.  Retail $22.50

APS Accelerator Pump Spring

As a way to try and compensate for lack of throttle response and bogging, riders have been locking out the accelerator pump spring and wiring the arms together, which can cause binding and forces you to run a short diaphragm.  The Merge APS eliminates any wiring tricks that are out there and increases pressure on the pump diaphragm due to its being 50% stiffer than the stock spring.  The Merge APS improves throttle response and also allows for use of longer diaphragms.  Retail $15.95

Merge Racing Technologies

The members of Merge Racing Technologies have owned professional race teams, worked as Factory mechanics on winning teams in AMA SX/MX and FIM GPs, and managed R&D programs for Factory teams.  Merge was formed to design and build works parts for professional race teams, and make those parts available to you. All parts are distributed by Tucker Rocky and available at your local dealer.  For more information, visit