Donn Maeda Update

We received a couple of e-mails from concerned friends and readers about a big crash that Transworld MX editor Donn Maeda suffered yesterday in a Vet X race held at Milestone Ranch. Maeda was involved in a first turn crash where he hit his head hard enough to knock himself out. The good news is that he's out of the hospital, nothing is broken. "I went face-first into the tractor tire in the first turn, and I guess I was out for three minutes, but I don't remember anything until after I was in the hospital," he told DC over the phone. "But I'm okay, and should hopefully be ready by the time of my first Loretta Lynn's qualifier coming up in a few weeks." Donn's also going to Indy this weekend, which means his headache may actually be worse next Monday morning than it was today!
He also mentioned that there may be video of his crash up on later this week, and thanks for everyone for asking about his condition.