Bikes Stolen in Ohio


Ohio's Trevor Hawk e-mailed us this today:

"I was recently robbed of two of my dirt bikes, stolen out of my pole barn. They took the screws out of bottom half of my siding and pulled it back enough to slide in. My daughter found a hammer laying on the ground next to where they gained access (along with a pile of screws). I couldn't figure out where that hammer and screws came from until today when I went into the shop side of my building and realized my bikes were gone.
Here's what they took:
'99 YZ250 (last six of VIN 002833)
'00 TTR125 (last six 003033)

Both bikes had my racing number "494" on them.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. The more eyes I have, the better my chances. Anyone with information please call 419-347-2280 or email
Trevor Hawk