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With James Stewart out until the nationals, Kawasaki is looking for a capable rider to keep his seat warm for the rest of the supercross season. It's looking like that rider could be Travis Preston. The former 125 Supercross Champ has been absent from the program this season after some contract confusion left him without a ride.

Travis Preston going green?

photo: Simon Cudby

So earlier this week we asked all of the loyal Racer X MySpace friends: Do you think Preston is a good choice for Monster Energy Kawasaki? What rider would you like to see the opportunity given to? Here's some of the comments left by MySpacers:

Nick Wey. The KTM curse is @ it again. Another rider fallin short week after week. Lets pluck him from the Aussies and throw him on that Monster Energy Green Machine .
Lee,  Michigan City, Indiana

I think that preston would be the best choice for monster kawasaki, he is a capable rider who sets his mind on what is important for the race. He doesnt ride over his head and he doesnt give up if he makes a mistake
David, Bennett, Colorado

I think Preston will be a good choice if he has still been training. Hopefully he will make a podium so we can at least get a good podiuim speech!
Danny, West Valley, Utah

i dont think preston is the right choice not to make him sound bad but he a great guy i just dont feel he would be capable of filling stewarts shoes i think jeff alessi is the best choice because the kids got heart also another good choice is jeff gibson
T.J., Indiana

I think Preston is a waste to an already troubling season for Kawasaki. Why doesn't Kawasaki do something meaningful, and give a new up-and-comer a chance? It worked when Suzuki gave Hamblin a break. Grab someone like Jake Marsack and put him on some good equipment...or a long time privateer like Jeff Gibson or Jason Thomas. Who knows how those guys would perform if they weren't footing the bill. Even bringing someone like Cody Cooper over from New Zealand would be great. Giving preston the chance is just a foolish attempt at trying to salvage a season. They should call Mark Barnett up to see if he wants a factory ride. At least he and Ferry would have something to talk about...considering the fact that they are the same age.
Nic, Flint, Michigan

I think it's great. And hillarious at the same time. Being that Stewart took out Preston last year in Canada. Travis said he doesn't forget. It is awesome. The guy you took out last year now riding your bike because you're out for the season. Hopefully Preston can learn fast. Because the bike sure is!!
Mike, Hermosa Beach, California

 I think Nick Wey, needs a chance. NYC is simply the MOST over looked rider out there. I don't feel that Preston should go ANYWHERE near a factory team. He is simply the MOST childish rider out there. He cries about everything. How can one complain so much. I mean DAMN!! dude you are getting paid to ride dirt bikes... SERIOULY!!!!
Nick, Indianapolis, Indiana
 Preston is pretty much the only choice , Top 10 material. question, is he in good enough shape can he qualify and make mains and run top 10, His outting at the German Supercross a few weeks ago wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either.
Does Kawasaki want to take a chance ? because a Factory rider not running top 5 or battling for top 5 could potentially be worse than no rider. And if they just want a bike out there and a hard worker who can make some mains I say Pick Joe Oelhoff.
Jay, Mesa, Arizona

If I was the guy at Kawasaki that made this decision, I would put Tyler Evans on that factory bike, and I'd tell him he ain't gettin paid till he gets top 10 in a straight-up main event, no mud race flukes. This would put him fresh out of excuses for not qualifying, and it might give someone a chance to duck a "one-punch" and kick that guy "square-in-the-nuts".
Ryan, Colorado

Dude, Jacob Marscak!! The kid was FAST in the mud at San Fran. Seems like he might have a good melon to flow with the big guys. He kept his cool, stayed upright and showed some great judgement. I think a little grooming by the Green Team would make him a top 5-er fer sure! Besides, it's good to see a privateer catch a break!
Joe, Hagaman, New York

The majority of writers gave the thumbs up to Travis Preston, but the most nominated replacements were Paul Carpenter, Jeff Gibson, Nick Wey, Jacob Marsack… and Ricky Carmichael.  Other suggestions included Heath Voss, Darcy Lange, Josh Demuth, and Ryan Mills.

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