Dayton AX Results


Travis Sewell Wins Lites Again


AURORA, Ill. (January 19, 2008) – The Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University played host to Toyota AMA Arenacross tonight.  Brock Sellards dominated the field in front of a nearly sold out home state crowd.  Sellards jumped out to an early lead, on his Monster / Babbitts Online Kawasaki, receiving the Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Hole Shot award.  Rockstar Suzuki rider Robbie Reynard and Fiberwise Pasta / Rock River Yamaha rider Tommy Hofmaster came out of turn one in second and third respectively.  Kelly Smith and Chad Johnson started out in the top five early on.  Smith worked his way through the field to challenge Reynard for second when they got together.  As a result Reynard went down and Smith moved to second.  Reynard was unable to regain his momentum and finished 10th.


Late in the race Badboy Power Drink / Honda rider, and points leader, Chad Johnson contested Kelly Smith for second.  Johnson passed Smith, moving Johnson to second and Smith to third.


Danny Smith continued his disappointing season, crashing in practice, breaking his collarbone and ending his defense for the Toyota AMA Arenacross title.


In the Toyota AMA Arenacross Lites class Travis Sewell led Tyler Bright and Cory Green for the 18-lap main event win.  


Tomorrow amateur riders from around the region will compete for Arenacross honors and points that may qualify them for the Amateur Arenacross World Finals at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this October.




AMA Arenacross Class Results, (Dayton, OH)

  1. Brock Sellards               Kawasaki

  2. Chad Johnson                Honda

  3. Kelly Smith                   Kawasaki

  4. Teddy Maier                  Honda

  5. Nathan Skaggs              Honda

  6. Tommy Hofmaster          Yamaha

  7. Tyler Bright                    Suzuki

  8. Cory Green                    Suzuki

  9. Dave Ginolfi                   Kawasaki

  10. Robbie Reynard             Suzuki



2007-’08 Toyota AMA Arenacross Class Point Standings (Pending Albuquerque, NM results)

1.       Chad Johnson (3)           Honda               232

2.       Kelly Smith (1)               Kawasaki          222

3.       Brock Sellards (4)          Kawasaki          219

4.       Teddy Maier (2)              Honda               195

5.       Keith Johnson (1)           Yamaha            163

6.       Kevin Johnson               Yamaha            163

7.       Danny Smith                 Honda               149

8.       Jim Neese                     Suzuki              144

9.       Tommy Hofmaster          Yamaha            141

10.   Nathan Skaggs              Honda               138



AMA Arenacross Class Lites Results (Dayton, OH)

  1. Travis Sewell                 Suzuki

  2. Tyler Bright                    Suzuki

  3. Cory Green                    Suzuki

  4. Zach Ames                    Honda

  5. Shane Sewell                Kawasaki

  6. Dave Ginolfi                   Kawasaki

  7. Codi Adams                  Yamaha

  8. Patrick Massie              Kawasaki

  9. Leighton Lillie                Honda

  10. Ivo Steinbergs                Honda


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