EVOmx Fuel Tank Foam Makes Supercross Debut

January 10, 2008 8:53am

Murrieta, CA (January 9, 2007)- EVOmx is proud to be a supporter of Team Hooters/Moto XXX/Tamer for the 2008 supercross and outdoor season. "Our partnership with the team really came down to the wire," said EVOmx's Carter Gurnee. “We had been working with Kevin Maret for a couple of months, but with all of the last minute changes with the team we didn't get everything in place until the night before the Anaheim 1 round.”

EVOmx is very excited to be partnered with a team like Hooters/MotoXXX/Tamer. “They are one of the hottest teams out there and we are very happy to be working with them,” reports Gurnee.

According to Gurnee, “This partnership will allow us to showcase the benefits of the anti-slosh fuel tank foam at the highest level of the sport. Riders reported that using EVOmx foam kits reduced the inertia caused by fuel movement in the gas tank. They felt that they had more control over the bike and can therefore significantly improve speed in corners and rough sections of the track. Tank foam has become a must-have in the professional ranks and it is our belief that EVOmx offers the best product on the market.”