Rev-Up: 2007

December 28, 2007 10:51am | by:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas. I know mine was one of the greatest ones I’ve experienced thus far. It’s kind of a perfect capper for what has been the most astonishing 365 days of my life. Really. 2007 was a whirlwind tour of events, occurrences, and accomplishments that I know I’ll take to the grave with me. As I sit here and reflect back on the year of our lord—2007--I’m not sure if I feel like grabbing a bottle of whiskey, calling my parents, or going to the gym and sprinting a mile. I know this year wasn’t as good for everyone as it was for me, but hopefully there will be more than a few people that read the last words at the bottom of this week’s column and say, “Hell yeah, 2007 was incredible.”

This year we had some of the best racing we have ever seen in the AMA Supercross season! Ricky’s last races, last wins, and last charges; and James and Chad going at it to the point that they were in each other’s faces and shoving each other. Then the Lites class mayhem with Dungey, Darcy, and BT101 going gangbusters. Heck with those cats, how about Branden Jesseman getting that win in Orlando and Ryan Morais taking the championship down to the final corner? Then there was the sound and the fury of RV Park demolishing the West Coast.

But the best part of Supercross 2007 for me was watching RC’s final charge. I’ll never forget seeing Ricky’s last supercross wins at San Francisco and St. Louis. He still had what it took to beat Chad and James. All the same, Stewart was unbelievable. Remember when he came from almost dead last at Indy and was jumping that entire table top section and passed Reed right at the end? Remember how perfect he was at Daytona? Remember him stepping over the bars at San Diego? James was a moving highlight reel every time he threw a leg over!
Supercross had a roar that was long and loud in 2007.

Then came the nationals. Wow. The afternoons I spent at High Point, Red Bud, and Steel City were some of the most enjoyable moments of motocross I’ve experienced in my 26 years in the sport. And hey, the afternoon I spent on my couch watching Budds Creek LIVE on my computer didn’t suck either! Remember how cool it was listening to Weege, Ping, DC, and Sean Beaucar on the Racer X Motocross Show on Remember the battles between James and Ricky? How about that four-race stretch at the end where Zulu, Mikey Boy, Shorty, and Red Dog all had a shot at the title. It was just awesome. Try to tell me a better year of outdoor motocross than 2007. Ain’t happening.

How about the Motocross Des Nations? Racing in every aspect was simply on another level this year.

But racing aside, the closing out of a year is always a heavy notion for this cat. I always like to think for a while about all of the things that happened that were special. I seriously can’t believe some of things I was able to see and do. I got to shake Joe Gibbs’s hand and talk to him for over an hour. I got to drink beer at Dale Jrs. house with Dale and MC. I was able to see London and Wembley Stadium. I have a piece of rubber from Michael Schumacher’s tire sitting here on my desk. I was able to stand behind the starting line of the 65cc class at Loretta’s and feel the power of amateur motocross. I reached down and picked up a Cherry Blossom pedal that had fallen on the ground in Arlington Cemetery. I got to watch the 07 stand on top of his car with his arms raised in victory, then race those bastards for the title all the way to the final race. Crazy stuff, man.

I don’t mean to brag about getting to do all of that. I realize how lucky and fortunate I am to experience those events. I feel comfortable writing it because I did my best to take you guys with me every Thursday and I tried hard to make the most of the time I was given this year. I’m no scholar by any means, but I suppose that is the best advice I can offer. Make the most of every day and every opportunity you get! Pay attention to things happening around you and remember them. Be passionate about your interests, and try your best. Each year we get is a gift. Who the hell knows how many more we’ll get, you know? Make them count.

What a year, man. What a year. In closing, I just want you all to take some time for yourself this weekend and think about your year. Go through the months and remember the good times and the bad times. Then let it rip Monday night. I’m going big, you can count on that!

Thanks for reading, see you next week. You do know what next week is, right? You’re damn right. Anaheim! Here it comes again…