Your Collection

November 30, 2007 6:11am

This week's collection comes from Steve Kittleson of Ventura, CA.

"Here are some pics of my Suzukis, an '82 RM465, '79 RM400 and '80 RM125. The bikes with numbers are my race bikes and the 125 is the queen. The 465 was built by Dewayne Jones; the 400 was a purchase from the original owners nephew in So Cal. The 400 has not had a restoration done, only plastic and suspension upgrades (43 mm forks & works shocks) plus the normal details for a race bike. The 125 was a ground up restore (it was pretty bad). Has not been started since completion as i built it to show. I always loved the big bore RMs of the evo period as many changes happened in that era. I'm 46 and now able to build and ride the bikes I always loved. I am currently building Hondas--'81 CR250 and '84 CR250. I raced in the late 70s at Indian Dunes for a few years and in the last 5 I have picked up the vintage bug and started racing again. I ride modern and race vintage. Love the "Your Collection"  photos and info. Keep up the good work."

All 'Your Collection' entries received from now till till November 30 willl be put in a contest to win a free Jo Jo Keller t-shirt! So keep them coming!

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