Monster Energy/Kawasaki Riders Capture 20 Championships at Mini Os

November 30, 2007 4:59am

Monster Energy honors its racers for a job well done

CORONA, Calif., (Nov. 29, 2007) – – Monster Energy athletes aboard Kawasaki’s had a strong showing at the 36th annual Thor Winter National Olympics, presented by Pro Circuit, this past week, winning an MX industry-best 20 championships in both the Motocross and Supercross portions of the year’s last major national amateur motocross competition.

“Everybody at Monster Energy HQ is pumped would like to congratulate all the Monster Energy/Kawasaski racers who brought home championships and other podium and personal-best finishes at the Mini Os this year,” said John Lee, Director of Sports Marketing for Monster Energy. “We understand fully the time and effort that goes into becoming an amateur motocross champion at the national level and are pleased at how well represented Monster Energy was on the top of the podiums at the Mini Os.”

Monster Energy/Kawasaki Supercross champions at the Mini Os include:

·                    Adam Cianciarulo (85cc 7-11 stock and mod)

·                   PJ Larsen (125 Expert A and 250 Expert A)

·                   Lowell Spangler (250 B mod)

·                   Keith Johnson (25+ and 30+)

·                   Matt Tedder (45+)

·                   Sara Price (women’s class)

Monster Energy/Kawasaki Motocross champions at the Mini Os include:

·                   PJ Larsen (125 Expert A stock and mod)

·                    Justin Bogle (12-13 85 stock)

·                   Mike Treadwell (25+)

·                   Keith Johnson (30+ and 35+)

·                   Dean Wilson (250 B stock)

·                   Lowell Spangler (Four Stroke and 250 B mod)

·                   Matt Tedder  (45+)

·                   Michael Fowler (250 C stock)

In addition to his four championships, Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s PJ Larsen won the CTI Ironman Award.

For more information on the Monster Energy/Kawasaki racers at the Mini Os, check out the Mini Os website: http://

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