FMF Racing Sweeps Every Major Off-Road Championship of 2007

FMF Racing has had an incredible year by winning every major Off-Road Championship of the 2007 season.  Also, FMF has continued to support numerous off-road series throughout the years and our level of commitment is second to none.  FMF would like to congratulate all of our teams and riders for their continued success and we look forward to winning more Championships in the future.  Here is a list of FMF Racing’s 2007 Off-Road Championships:      

AMA/FMF National Hare & Hound                David Pearson - Factory Red Bull KTM/FMF Off-Road

AMA/FMF National Enduro                             Mike Lafferty - Factory Red Bull KTM/FMF Off-Road

AMA Hare Scrambles                                         Jason Raines – Team Am-Pro Yamaha

GNCC XC1                                                            David Knight – Factory Red Bull KTM/FMF Off-Road

GNCC XC2                                                            Justin Williamson - Factory Red Bull KTM/FMF Off-Road

WORCS                                                                 Kurt Caselli - Factory Red Bull KTM/FMF Off-Road

OMA                                                                      Jimmy Jarrett - Team FMF/Suzuki Offroad