Loop’d Network Goes Live

Loop’d Network Goes Live with Monster Energy, Oakley, PacSun and Surfer Magazine’s Hot 100 as First Brand Customers

First interactive network of online sports communities built on Web 2.0 platform with more than 200,000 athletes and fans worldwide

SAN DIEGO – November 6, 2007 – Loop’d Network, a social media platform exclusively for online sports communities, today announced its official launch as well as strategic partnerships with four major brand customers – Monster Energy (Hansen Co.), Oakley, Pacific Sunwear and Surfer Magazine’s Hot 100. The network of more than 200,000 members interconnects social communities dedicated to action, endurance and motor sports, as well as key lifestyle brands. Users can sign up and join any community on the network with a single click. Brands will leverage Loop’d Network’s Web 2.0 platform and its advanced analytics to expand reach and build long-lasting relationships with consumers.

While MySpace and Facebook compete for the largest number of members from a mass audience, niche social communities are quickly increasing in popularity. Sports is an industry with a growing need for online social interaction. As specialized communities form, the assembled audience attracts attention from brand marketers. According to an eMarketer study, U.S. advertising revenues on sports-related Web sites will reach $1.1 billion in 2011, up from $407 million in 2006. Loop’d Network addresses this demand by building and connecting social network properties for athletes, fans and brands in seamless interaction across the web of communities.

“Our network of athletes thrive on social interaction and self-promotion. Brands who are accepted into the athletes’ lifestyle become an integrated component of their self-expression,” said Scott Tilton, chief executive officer of Loop’d Network. “Our proprietary Web 2.0 technology platform blends brands into the experience with purpose-driven communities to participate with the athletes and their fans in relevant ways.”

Brands Leverage Social Networking for Grassroots Campaigns
In separate announcements today, Loop’d Network unveiled details regarding its first brand customers – Monster Energy, Oakley, Pacific Sunwear and Surfer Magazine’s Hot 100 – and the launch of their social communities on Loop’d Network. Having successfully incorporated brands into the social media experience marks a key paradigm shift in interactive marketing. With social networks as a major means of communication for the youth demographic, brands are eager to get involved with companies like Loop’d Network to converse and create relationships with their target customers.

Capitalizing on a first mover advantage, Loop’d Network uniquely enables brands and consumers to connect within a social network environment. Users can quickly join any or all branded communities. Brands are empowered to build purpose-driven communities on Loop’d Network’s Web 2.0 platform in order to develop a stronger Internet marketing presence through grassroots marketing, while Loop’d Network’s advanced analytics measures the effectiveness of these efforts. 

Athletes Increase Exposure; Fans Interact
Loop’d Network was created with the purpose of providing multiple benefits to professional and amateur athletes, as well as fans. The network empowers them to create unique social media content, participate in contests and various sports-related activities, and opens doors for direct interaction with major brands. The self-promotional tools offered to athletes increase their chances of being sponsored, and help them build fan bases through real-time exchange, keeping fans up-to-date about event participation, wins, training modules, videos, blogs and more.  Loop’d Network is an expansion of SponsorHouse.com, which is the leading online provider of sponsorship services to athletes and brands and is now one of the many communities under the Loop’d Network umbrella. For more information on how to join Loop’d Network, build branded social network properties and about sponsorship opportunities, log onto: www.loopd.com.

About Loop’d Network
Loop’d Network is a social media platform exclusively for online sports communities.An expansion of SponsorHouse.com, Loop’d Network currently boasts more than 200,000 members worldwide and brings community features to athletes, fans, and brands, fostering seamless interaction. Athletes and brands can develop personalized communities providing fans and enthusiasts with a network to browse and join with a single click. Athletes are empowered to create unique content for self-promotion, including videos, photos and blogs and receive access to brands for sponsorships. Never before mastered in the social networking realm, Loop’d Network blends brands into the experience by matching them to their core demographics via purpose-driven communities and through an innovative means of grassroots and viral marketing. The company’s Web 2.0 technology platform is robust, provides unprecedented analytics, and scales to millions of users. For more information, visit www.loopd.com.