Three Men Go For WORCS Title

On November 4, 2007 three of the fastest riders on the planet will fight for the title of World Off Road Champion (WORCS). Even though only one man will walk away with that title, three lifetimes of dedication, hard work and incredible talent will be on display for fans to enjoy. This is more than an Off-Road race, it presents an opportunity to see a man triumph and succeed at the highest level in this sport. Currently,  Kurt Caselli holds a nine point lead over two-time Champion Nathan Woods and is 18 points ahead of 2007 SCORE International 1x Robby Bell.

Kurt Caselli

“What an amazing year!” said Bell. Robby came into the year having never seen a WORCS podium and now finds himself with a stranglehold on third place in the Championship hunt. Bell has been training as usual but certainly with his eye on what could happen. “Kurt’s misfortune at Pismo (where Caselli DNFed) has been a huge win for Nathan and me. It really put us back into it. I've got third locked up so I can just go for it and I will.”
Nathan Woods is on the mend. Nathan suffered a broken fifth metacarpal during the Oklahoma EnduroCross round and was forced to ride with it at Pismo. Nathan says, “My hand is 100% better than it was at Pismo and I feel like I'll be coming into Taft strong”. Great news for Nathan and Monster Energy Kawasaki. When asked if he had a plan for Taft, Woods simply said, “I'll be there and I'm going to ride hard”.

Nathan Woods

The current points leader, Red Bull/Factory KTM pilot Kurt Caselli is ready to ride and ready to have this decided.  After last year's disastrous knee injury Caselli came into the 2007 season hungry. Kurt has been at or near the front in every race this year with the exception of the Honey Lake round which was anything but sweet to him. “I feel good and I'm ready to do what I've got to do” said Caselli. “I haven't done anything all that different to get ready than I've done all year, I'm ready to race” said the relaxed Southern Californian. If true, then the challengers are sure to have their hands full running at warp speed with Captain Kurt. So this is it and it‘s come down to three riders and one race for a World Championship.
The WORCS series will make its final stop in Taft this weekend for the final round of the 2007 season. Team Kawasaki/Monster Energy's Nathan Woods trails Factory KTM Kurt Caselli by 9 points. Honda's Robby Bell is in third. The race is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 4th at 10:00 a.m. w/ Pro staging taking place at 9:35 a.m.. The race will be held at the newly opened Honolulu Hills Raceway in Taft, CA. Directions to the track More information on this weekend's event, please visit

Points going into the weekend

1. Kurt Caselli - 201 points
2. Nathan Woods - 192 points
3. Robby Bell -  183 points

WORCS Pro points system:

1st - 30 points
2nd - 25 points
3rd - 21 points
4th - 18 points