Industry Birthdays from October 29 to November 4

October 29, 2007 5:48am

October 29: FMX rider John Distler

October 29: Team Green’s Jeff Chambers turns 50 today. Jeff is a charter member from the Team Green program and has been there since 1982.

November 3: Red Bud Track 'N Trail's Nancy Ritchie, the better half of track founder Gene Ritchie.

November 4: Damon Huffman won two West Coast Supercross titles in 1994 and 1995. After retiring full-time from racing, Damon decided to get involved in selling real estate but the motocross bug got back in his system. He resently came back and finished second at the Endurocross and at the US Open in the Alpinestars rematch race.


November 4: Former pro racer turned Team Manager Paul Lindsey has been on the pro tour for a lot of years. This year at the Orlando Supercross, Lindsey got his parting shot when his rider Brandon Jessemen won the overall and was one the few guys who beat the boys from Pro Circuit.

November 4: DeCal Work's Chris Svoboda

November 4: Fox Racing's Greg Fox and his brothers Pete and John have helped take the company their father Geoff co-founded in 1974 to the clothing industry giant Fox Racing has become.

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