Dave Brozik Scholarship Essay Update

Just a reminder, this is the final week of essays for the masses. On Friday, the fourth-and-final spot will be announced in Racerhead. Those final 4 will write their 1000-word, 25-element opus for the winner take all "Suitcase (and UPS boxes) Full O' Swag." So, be sure to send your essay to contest@racerxill.com by 5:00 (EST) tomorrow to be eligible for $25 of my karaoke money this week, plus a spot on the Final Four. Your entry should be 500-word max and use these TWENTY elements: Where's the beef?, donate, squirrely, aggressive, faceplant, skull, Bill Gates, toot, top-end, spoke, uranium, Teddy Pendergrass, apologize, Las Vegas, Halloween, duty-free, Heikki Mikkola, Mad Libs, hooligan, and elephant.

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