Dave Brozik Scholarship Update


Just a friendly Monday reminder, the cut-off for this week's entries is 5:00 PM (EST) tomorrow. We have some good stuff in already. So, after you recover from your U.S. Open trip, your lack of WVU football this weekend, your lack of Steelers football this weekend, or having a baby, get those nubby fingers punching keys and create a masterpiece! (500-word max, no swearing).

Here are the elements that MUST be used in this week's contest - all FIFTEEN of them: sludge, cramp, NASA, Andre the Giant, Rubik's cube, espionage, no-handed-lander, muffler packing, shock, turkey leg, Steve Stackable, hitch, porkchop(s), Thailand, and platypus.

You want a sample of what's in the Grand Prize Swag Bag?? Okay, we're halfway through the contest, I'll let you know what we have so far (and more is on the way):

- Racer X digital subscription, plus wearable swag
- Throttle Jockey wearable swag from the '08 line and sticker kits
- Pro-Action wearable swag
- Ogio "Layover" rolling suitcase
- igotfumoney.com hand-made, moto-inspired lawn ornament
- Moto Tees 2007 MXoN collectible T-shirts
- Cernic's swag (en route)
- DVS Shoes free shoe certificate

Not a bad deal for just sharing your creativity. AND, more stuff is on the way!

Send your essay to contest@racerxill.com