Your Collection

September 14, 2007 2:22pm

This week's collection comes from Jim Kolman of Ontario, Canada.

"These are pictures of my Dad's Bultacos.The ice racer is the actual bike that he was racing in Quebec City, Canada, when the filming for "On Any Sunday" was taking place. If you look closely, he's the guy coming around the corner while it's snowing with a bright red winter coat.The bike is put together with an Elstar frame from England and a Bultaco 250cc street racer engine. He went to Europe to get both and brought them back in suitcases and hockey bags. It has no brakes and 2" spikes in the tires.The other is a late 70's 370cc Frontier. He rode it in local enduros and trails. At 71 years old he still loves to ride, but not so much off road anymore."

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