EVOmx Rider Support

As interest in EVOmx foam fuel tank inserts grows in both the Off-Road and Motocross markets, EVOmx is expanding their Support Programs. EVOmx is accepting applications for ‘08 support on the MxResultz.com Sponsorship Connection platform through December 01st  2007.

About  EVOmx foam: EVOmx foam is reticulated polyurethane foam. This foam is new on the motorsports market, but is not a new invention. It is military spec foam that has been put through such rigorous testing and been proven to be of such high grade that it is used in all government fighter jets and tanks.

The key to EVOmx foam is its thousands of pores. These pores are what eliminate the sudden and violent sloshing of fuel within the tank, most often felt in tight turns, breaking bumps and G-outs where your 12-15 lbs of fuel can feel more like 25-30 lbs of fuel sloshing from front to back and side to side. EVOmx foam stabilizes the fuel in your gas tank, therefore allowing you to maneuver your vehicle as if it were 15-20 lbs lighter. Best of all is the fact that EVOmx foam is so porous that is only takes up 2-3% of the volume of the tank thus allowing you to maintain essentially the same volume of gas. Finally, EVOmx foam has a 30 year life span.