Mike Brown Has Huge Success With Pump-X

August 30, 2007 11:29am

28th August 2007

For Immediate Release

CAS HONDA rider 'Mike Brown' from Piney Flats, Tennessee USA, has been in the press recently complaining about 'arm pump' thinking seriously about surgery.

After discussions and sound advise from Kieran Lewis, the managing director of 'Pump-X UK Ltd' Mike agreed to try 'Pump-X' for the first MX-1 race of the day at Donington Park on a perfect day seeing an incredible crowd of some 28,000 strong.

After an impressive start, Brown settled into his rhythm ,racing in
third position only to be passed by De Dycker during the final lap, finishing a very credible fourth position.

Brown commenting after the first race "Pump-X really did the job for me, I suffered no arm pump at all throughout the whole race"

When spoken to Brown stated to his team, he was really impressed by the product and had no hesitation in using the product in the second race of the day.

In race two Brown didn't get the best start, he worked really hard to get back to third position, eventually dropping to sixth position towards the end of the race, giving an overall points total of 33 points on the day, finishing in a credible 5th position overall.

Brown again passed comment "I didn't suffer any arm pump during the  second race and I would be very happy to put my name to a product at last which really does the job".

'Pump-X managing director Kieran Lewis passing comment "We at Pump-X are happy to support Mike for the rest of the season, we wish Mike all the best with his bid to secure the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship for 2007", in which Brown heads the MX-2 Championship by twelve points in front of Tommy Searle with one round to contend at Pontrilas, Hereford on 15th September 2007.