Engine Displacement Changes for 2007-‘08 Toyota AX Series

AURORA, Ill. (Aug. 29, 2007) – When the opening round of the 2007-’08 Toyota AMA Arenacross Series in Des Moines, Iowa (Nov. 2-4) begins, 250cc two-stroke and 450cc four-stroke motorcycles will no longer be raced in order for the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series to focus on 125cc two-stroke or its four-stroke equal, the 250F.

“The move to adopt 125cc and 250F’s in the AMA Arenacross Lites and the AMA Arenacross class is intended to bring the series in line with the AMA Arenacross/AMA Supercross progression system that was established by the AMA in 2006,” said Jayme Dalsing, director of Arenacross. “The system created a formal advancement process for riders to qualify for a supercross license.”

Added Todd Jendro, senior director of two wheel operations: ”It didn’t make sense that riders in AMA Arenacross were competing on 450F’s and trying to get the skills necessary for advancement points when the Supercross series required them to compete in the Lites class on 125cc or 250f’s.”

TUF/Cernic’s/Honda’s owner Dave Antolak, one of Toyota AMA Arenacross’ most successful and longest-running teams, looks forward to the new racing format, saying that limiting the displacement in the tighter arenacross track will benefit the sport in the long run.

“The racing will be closer when the best riders take to the track during this year’s Toyota AMA Arenacross Series,” noted Antolak. “As arenacross is being used as a stepping stone to supercross, it is fitting to have competitors ride 250F as they transition to racing supercross.”

Added Junior Jackson of Junior Jackson/Suzuki Racing: “I like the new rule. If you’re going to make these guys come in and get points for supercross, having them ride 250s (four-strokes) is the way to go. Riders will be forced to have a good motor. I’ve put a lot of work and R&D into the bikes this summer with the little bikes and we’re confident we’ll have an advantage when the series starts up in Des Moines.”

The new rule will go into effect at the 2007-’08 Toyota AMA Arenacross Series opener at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa (Nov. 2-4).

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