Bench Racing Ammo: MX minus RC =

August 23, 2007 1:52pm

For the first time in seven years, the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship is going to crown a different champion in the AMA Motocross class. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? And how about this: The last rider to win the title besides RC was South African Greg Albertyn in 1999—when Carmichael was still on a 125!
Now there’s a good possibility that we may see another South African win the championship this year, as Team Yamaha’s Grant Langston has three races to make up 11 points. This is getting good!

Tim Ferry is looking for a championship

Out of the nine AMA Toyota Nationals this year, RC has raced (and won) six of them, but what happens when you take RC out of the equation? All hell breaks loose, and in those other three races we’ve seen three different winners—Kevin Windham, James Stewart, Tim Ferry—with some assorted results. So for today’s installment of Motosport Outlet’s Bench Racing Ammo, we’re going to see who would be leading the points if we tally up those three races sans RC.

1.) Tim Ferry  120 points
2.) Andrew Short 115
3.) Mike Alessi 107
4.) Kevin Windham 106
5.) Grant Langston 97
6.) Davi Millsaps 84
7.) David Vuillemin 82
8.) James Stewart 65

In the three races where RC was absent—Unadilla, Thunder Valley and WashougalTim Ferry has been the best. In fact, he would have a 5-point advantage over the rider who he currently is tied with, Andrew Short. Both Mike Alessi and Kevin Windham aren’t that far behind, either. We are going into another race without RC, so can Ferry keep up this consistency? We’ll see on Sunday. Make sure you tune into the Racer X Motocross Show on this weekend for thorough coverage of Round 10 from Steel City Raceway!