Your Collection

August 20, 2007 6:08am

This week's collection comes from B.J. Smith:

"I saw Larry Maiers at the dirt track race in Daytona and he handed me a duffel bag of random stuff. When I got back in Atlanta I picked through and found these pit passes to the MX nationals from the 70s. But the best is the two infield official passes to the Motocross des Nations from 1987 at Unadilla. I like the one from 1975, too. It doesn't even say what race it's actually from. There isn't anything on the back of it either. And the yellow one doesn't tell what year it's from, but I'm guessing, through deductive reasoning, through the record books you'll find the 500cc GP that was held at Unadilla on July 20.

A handful of neckties were also in the bag. Most of them were Harley-Davidson theme but one was a motocross tie with Bradshaw on it. Forgot to take a picture of that."

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