Number Cruncher Redux: #41


This week #41 was crunched in the Shift Number Cruncher. Here are a few notable #41s we forgot...

There was one #41 we left out that deserves some mention. Transworld MX's Donn Maeda qualified for Loretta Lynn's with high hopes of a top ten finish. Donn got off to a decent start, then sufferd a hard get-off in moto one. He rebounded in his last Vet B/C Plus 30 moto and finished sixth, which was good for 15th overall. He also finished 25th overall in the Vet 35 Plus class. However, the winner of the "magazine contest" goes to Racer X's own David Langran who gutted out a solid 7th overall using #47 in the Vet B/C class.

Donn Maeda

photo: Simon Cudby

A real old school #41 was Richard Coon (out of Ghent, NY) in 1979.  He ran it on his LOP Yamaha and did well enough to earn a Factory Honda ride for 1980.
Josh Heintz
Chester Springs, PA

Two time Canadian Supermoto Champion Dave Arnold runs the #41 when he comes down to run in the AMA Supermoto Series. Arnold left Canada to run AMA full time in 2005 and 2006, finishing with one top ten (9th at Road America) and 16th overall in the 450 class as a privateer. For 2007 Dave is currently committed to the Canadian Supermoto championships.

Dave Arnold

photo: Paul Mason

How about the four-time British Motocross Champion Paul Cooper, who rode his last two MX1 GP seasons as #41!
Tony Rogers

Paul Cooper