Monster Energy’s X Games Medal Count

August 8, 2007 12:49pm

Monster Energy scored medals across the board at X Games; skater Jake Brown captures nation’s attention by surviving a graphically disturbing Big Air crash

CORONA, Calif., (Aug. 8, 2007) – Monster Energy-backed athletes cleaned up this past week at the 13th annual ESPN Summer X Games, raking in a total of 14 medals – five of which were gold.

“Monster Energy’s overall marketing plan is based strongly on core athlete sponsorship. And to see first hand the kind of return we enjoyed this past weekend at X Games 13 was truly remarkable,” said John Lee, Director of Sports Marketing for Monster Energy. “We are ecstatic with the results.”

And some of those results were shockingly unplanned, as in the case of Monster Energy skateboarder Jake Brown.

“Suffice to say we’re relieved Jake is up and about, doing the national network TV tour and already talking about returning to competitive skateboarding here in the near future,” said Lee.

In case you missed it – or turned away in horror – Brown fell from the equivalent of a five-story building onto a wooden deck (and walked away).

Monster Energy also received the lion’s share of the coverage in the motorcycle events, something the energy drink company can trace back to its initial foray into action sports. Monster Energy-backed pro motocross legend Ricky Carmichael had an entire event wrapped around him, the inaugural X Games Moto-X Racing competition. Monster Energy athletes also swept gold in Moto X Freestyle (Adam Jones), Moto X Best Trick (Kyle Loza), BMX Vert (Jamie Bestwick) and SuperMoto (Mark Burkhart).

Monster Medals @ X Games 13

MonsterAthlete                           Medal

SKB Big Air                         Jake Brown                            Silver

SKB Big Air                         Pierre Luc “PLG” Gagnon         

SKB Street                           Greg Lutzka                                  Silver

SKB Street                            Jereme Rogers                           Bronze

SKB Vert                              Pierre Luc “PLG” Gagnon        

Moto X Racing                     Ricky Carmichael                       Gold

SuperMoto                            Mark Burkhart                               Gold

FMX Best Trick            Kyle Loza                            

FMX Best Trick                    Adam Jones                             Silver

FMX Freestyle                     Adam Jones                             Gold

FMX Freestyle                    Nate Adams                               

BMX Vert                             Jamie Bestwick                         Gold

BMX Park                          Dave Mirra                               

Rally Racing                        Ken Block                                    Silver

In addition, the plight of Monster-backed privateer freestyle motocrosser, Scott Murray, was highly documented as - after driving to LA from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in an old ambulance - he attempted the second-ever motorcycle double back flip in X Games competition. Murray crashed, but walked away with X Games legend status.

“Again, Monster Energy would like to applaud all of its athletes at X Games,” said Lee.

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