Team Wyvern/Albertsons Boise Benefit Bike Wash


We just got this note from the guys at Team Wyvern/Albertsons:

Team Wyvern / Albertsons
Boise Benefit Bike Wash
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
4700 N. Eagle Road
Boise, Id. 83713

As the sweltering days of July melt into August, Team Wyvern plans to ease off the throttle in the week between racing Washougal and Millville. Riders, mechanics, families and drivers need a break from the sometimes challenging schedule of motocross, and for  Team Wyvern it will arrive in the form of a benefit bike wash.

Assembling and operating a professional motocross team, week after week, month after month, year round, requires a daily commitment from more than just the immediate team members. It is a rigorous endeavor, perhaps even more so for a privateer team.

Certainly, every team in the pits must answer to a budget, however, corporate teams have a staggering monetary advantage over their privateer challengers. To give those outside the sport perspective, there are privateer teams currently racing a full season schedule, for less than the cost of the combined
price, of one practice bike and one race bike, of the top rider in the sport.

Even so, we keep coming, with the help and support of our friends, families, sponsors and fans. Saturday, August 4th is the day our team has chosen to give something back to our fans and sponsors for getting us this far.

Albertsons at 4700 N. Eagle Rd has graciously agreed to let Team Wyvern Motosports set up our big red race semi in full-on bike wash mode. Some fair fans of the feminine persuasion have agreed to give the riders a day off and "suit up" themselves, soaping up and scrubbing down any bike that rolls up, for one dollar each. The team will be raffling off new, sponsor donated, motocross gear for one dollar per ticket as well.

Even better, we're stoked that Racer X's Scott Wallenberg and his band The Blues Addicts have agreed to come out and support our event, giving us some tunes to tap our feet to while the ladies do their thing and we eat bar-b-que.

When it's all over, Team Wyvern will proudly donate a portion of the event proceeds to D.A.R.E., as thanks to our local sponsors and community for helping us compete and share the positive experience a motocross team can be.

So whether your thing is big air, dragging a knee or just cruising, bring your bike out for a good cause.

We'll see you there,
Team Wyvern