Huron East mayor declares Walton Ontario to be "Motocross Town"


Welcome to Huron East,

Welcome to ‘Motocross Town’, Walton Ontario. The Council of the Municipality of Huron East has declared Walton the ‘Motocross Town’ during the week of August 14 – 21st, 2007, to honour the Walton TransCan GNC Motocross. As Mayor and a long time resident of Huron East, I welcome you to the best part of Huron County, nestled between the shores of Lake Huron and the cultural area of Perth County. Huron East boasts quiet and safe neighbourhoods to raise a family in our urban areas and in the many villages and hamlets within the municipality. We celebrate our heritage dating from Huron Tract times. People are the key to our community and we have the very best. Check out the community calendar at our website and drop by and join us at an event. The residents of Huron East will be happy to show you why Huron East is second to none to visit, live, work and play.

Mayor Joe Seili


August 14th to August 19th the village of Walton is to be transformed by the 16th annual 'Celebration of Canadian Motocross'. The Walton TransCan  Grand National Motocross Championship has evolved into not just one of Huron County's tourist attractions but the biggest event of it's kind in Canada. The influx of over 25,000 visitors consists largely of  regional day trippers from Toronto , London, Kitchener ,Waterloo, Guelph, Barrie and Windsor.

"In my twenty-two years as a motocross journalist I've been to many motocross tracks in Canada and Europe, and Walton is definitely one of my favourites. I know I'm considered a traditionalist but the Walton track offers the best of the past and the present. Of all the events I have attended, including GPs and International MX, the Walton TransCan Grand National ranks up there with the best. My hat goes off to Chris Lee and his family for the passion they put into the sport of motocross." ~ Wil De Clercq (MX Performance Magazine - Performance Racing News)

According to event manager Chris Lee " Broadcasting of our event over national and international public television channels introduced a much wider audience than just motorcycle enthusiasts to the sport of motocross.  And once they came to Walton to see what it was about they were hooked on the excitement, the family atmosphere and the incredible athleticism of the racers"

This family from Timmins Ontario wrote in about their TransCan experience after last year's event .... " We decided to go to the races after seeing a commercial on television late Tuesday evening. By Friday we were on the road with the kids. What a blast! The weekend was fantastic. It was all very well organized and the kid were awed . We will definitely be going back next year and will be bringing friends as well! Thanks for the great time!" Famille Lablond

Approximately 20% of the attendance numbers are event participants. The majority are amateur competitors who emerge from a qualifying process which is co-ordinated nationally by the 6,000 member Canadian Motorsports Racing Club (CMRC) There is representation at Walton from every part of Canada and neighbouring states . Professional racers make up a smaller group that hails from an even larger area from as far afield as New Zealand.   In addition the Walton TransCan hosts a large annual industry displays and so staffing and support arrives from national sales organizations such as  Yamaha, Kawasaki, Motovan and many others.

While the event is managed by Tite Racing Promotions the execution relies on community organizations such as Brussels Minor Hockey, Blyth Minor Hockey, Walton Sports Club and Seaforth Curling Club who mobilize an army of volunteers. They seize the opportunity offered  to accomplish the majority of their annual fund raising requirements.  The result is one of the most highly respected events of its kind.

On the race track the TransCan  has many 'winners', young and old, at all levels of ability and realizing various levels of reward  but the synergy of a persistent private vision and an embracing regional community has resulted  in the biggest winner of all. The host community of Walton and Huron East.