Husqvarna Motorcycles 2008 Model Preview

All New 4-Stroke Technology

July 24, 2007

Varese, Italy  Husqvarna Motorcycles has released a preview of the new 2008 models. The 2008 model information for the MX and Enduro bikes is now in, and the changes are dramatic, especially for the four stroke models. New frames, new riding positions and fuel injection are headline items for certain models, with race inspired evolution carried out on others. Full details are as follows:

Motocross 2008 2-Stroke
The ever competitive CR125 benefits from the evolutionary process which includes a new cylinder and new power valve system for a broader spread of power. The chassis modifications consist of new black coated Marzocchi forks and a new Sachs rear shock. The black Excel rims are carried over from the 2007 model, as are the Tommaselli 'fat bars', but these are now black to compliment the forks.

Motocross 2008 4-Stroke
The TC model 4-strokes have seen the lions share of the development work for 2008, and are lighter, lower, and slimmer thanks to an all new chassis. This new combined oval and box section semi perimeter design is 1kg lighter than its predecessor and features a completely different geometry and different riding position.

The new chassis is fitted with a new fuel tank, giving completely new ergonomics allowing riders of all sizes to easily find their ideal riding position whether sitting or standing. The foot pegs have been moved 15mm forwards to improve weight distribution, and the suspension is revised to match with an all new swing arm, connected via a new linkage, to a new off set Sachs rear shock. The rear suspension has been designed with the intent of reducing the loading on the frame, which is down some 40% on 2007.

Also new is the rear sub-frame which contributes towards the 10mm seat height reduction and allows the fitment of a new airbox. The offset rear shock and new airbox permitted designers to revise the engine intake path to become more direct with notable benefits in terms of air intake efficiency. 2008 TCs are now fitted with black coated 50mm Marzocchi forks with a sealed cartridge damping system, complimented by black Tommaselli 'fat bars'

Engine wise the 2008 4-strokes have received significant changes. The titanium exhaust systems now run to the LH side of the bike and the engine has a number of internal detail changes to improve reliability, starting and gearbox operation. With the new red rocker cover and black painted crankcases, there's no mistaking the 2008 Husqvarna 4-Stroke engine.

Enduro 2-Stroke
The WR125 evolves for 2008 with direct input from the Factory Enduro Team, improving what was already a class winning bike. The new cylinder from the CR125 with the new powervalve system is fitted; a new crankshaft to improve traction, and the 2nd gear ratio has been revised to improve drive out of tight corners. The chassis gets Tommaselli 'fat bars' in black, matched to black coated Marzocchi forks and a new Sachs rear shock

The WR250 receives the least attention for 2008, with the same cosmetic updates as the WR125 - black coated forks and black Tommaselli 'fat bars' and the new Sachs integrated reservoir rear shock.

Enduro 4-Stroke
Benefiting from the same chassis modifications as the MX models with the new lighter, lower and slimmer build, the 2008 TE models are also for the first time fitted with electronic fuel injection. The Mikuni developed system allows for the TE's to meet ever tightening emissions requirements while still providing the controlled power an Enduro rider needs.

Chassis wise, the TE's get the new black Marzocchi 50mm forks but without the sealed damping cartridge, the black Tommaselli fat bars and the new Sachs rear shock with 18mm piston for better damping control.

All new 2008 model Husqvarna motorcycles are expected to be available in the U.S. by late fall.  For more information, please visit