DVS' Kevin Windham Wins Unadilla

July 18, 2007 5:34am

AMA Toyota Motorcross

The AMA Outdoor National Motocross Series took place at the Unadilla Valley Sports Center in NY over the weekend, andKevin Windham came out victorious.

“K-Dub” won the first MX moto, and finished third in moto two. He showed his veteran smarts by recognizing that he didn't have to win the second moto to secure the overall, and then having the patience to just ride smart. "I was riding behind Andrew (Short) and we were kind of closing in, but toward the end I kind of broke out the calculator and started doing the math and knew I could get the win," said Windham in an AMA press release. Fellow DVS Rider Ivan Tedesco went 4-5 for 5th overall. Congrats to both riders for a job well done!

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