Racer X Holeshot Award

July 17, 2007 10:18am

MX Lites

Lites - Moto 1

Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey rebounded nicely after that hard fall at Red Bud two weeks ago by coming out swinging in the first moto at Unadilla. Dungey took the Racer X Holeshot Award over the Monster  Energy/Pro Circuit teammates Ryan Villopoto and Ben Townley, and then battled with BT101 for much of the moto before settling in for second.

Lites - Moto 2

After not finishing the first moto, Villopoto came out swinging in moto 2 and snagged a huge holeshot. A rock punctured his radiator in the first moto, causing his KX250F to expire early, but in moto 2 RV didn’t give any rocks a chance to hit him as he was out front the entire moto. It was a convincing moto win, putting him into a tie with his teammate for the points lead.

AMA Motocross

Motocross - Moto 1

Red Bull KTM’s Mike Alessi picked up where he left off in Michigan, grabbing his third consecutive Moto-Tees holeshot on the newly-graded Unadilla start. Mike barely edged out Davi Millsaps, Kevin Windham and Michael Byrne, then went on to lead the race for the first 27 minutes, before a slight bobble handed the lead (and moto win) to K-Dub. 

Motocross - Moto 2

Moto 2 saw Team Honda’s Davi Millsaps storm through the first turn on his factory Honda CRF450, crossing the holeshot line on one wheel, collecting $250 from Moto Tees. Millsaps led a good portion of the moto till losing the front end in a turn, relegating him to fourth.

Hangtown Holeshots
Moto 1: Josh Grant    Moto 2: Ben Townley

AMA Motocross:

Moto 1: James Stewart    Moto 2: Davi Millsaps

High Point Holeshots
Moto 1: Ryan Dungey    Moto 2: Josh Grant
AMA Motocross
Moto 1: Davi Millsaps    Moto 2: Davi Millsaps 

Southwick Holeshots

Moto 1: Ryan Villopoto   Moto 2: Ryan Dungey 

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: James Stewart   Moto 2: Ricky Carmichael

Budds Creek Holeshots

Moto 1: Josh Grant       Moto 2: Ryan Villopoto

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: James Stewart Moto 2: James Stewart

RedBud Holeshots

Moto 1: Josh Grant        Moto 2: Ben Townley

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: Mike Alessi        Moto 2: Mike Alessi