Peterson Wins Hillclimb World Championship in France


American Robie Peterson made history this past weekend in La Bresse, France when he won his first-ever Hillclimb World Championship. The win brought the total of Peterson family World Championships to six, making Robie and his father Kerry the first father/son World Champs in the sport. “It’s just an incredible experience,” said the new world champ. “I watched my dad race over 20 years ago at places like the Widowmaker in Utah, and always dreamed about this day.”

“I’m really proud of Robie,” said five-time champ Kerry Peterson. “He rode really well and was one of only 12 riders to make it over the top.”

Peterson topped France’s Stephane Pierrel during the two-day event which was witnessed by more than 12,000 spectators. Last year’s World Champ, American Jason Smith, was third.

“This was a great event and the hill was a lot different than the one we competed on last year in DeCazaville, France,” said Smith.

Peterson and Smith also led Team USA to victory in the team competition, hillclimb’s version of the Motocross des Nations.


1. Robie Peterson  USA
2. Stephane Pierrel France
3. Jason Smith USA
4. Xavier Boutiton France
5. Franck Claudel France
6. Bret Peterson USA
7. Herve Poirot France
8. Damien Antoine France
9. Don Beer USA
10. Brian Peterson USA
14. Ryan Dicks USA
15. Jeff Thomas USA


1. USA
2. France
3. Estonia
4. Switzerland
5. Holland
6. Germany
7. Poland