Attention Loretta Lynn's-Bound Riders


Ballance Moto X will be having eight practice sessions over 4 days prior to Loretta's. Ballance is having a huge night race July 21st (Yamaha Contingency, 50s race for FREE and the normal $1000 Pro Purse) and for the next four days we will be having two-a-day practices, football-style, in preparation for riders heading down to Loretta's.

The practices will be from 7am -11am and then from 3pm - 7pm each day. The four days of practice will be for bikes only. The practice sessions will be designed to prepare riders for the heat and longer motos. The practices are designed for Lorretta-bound riders, but all bikes are welcome. Yamaha team riders will be there and Team Green has also been invited. The track will be prepped, flaggers and EMTs for each session where it will get very rough and rutted just like Lorretta's. So if you want to get some major seat time, you don't need to miss this opportunity. People are more than welcome to camp out at no charge - so come to the race on Saturday and stay and practice! Track is located directly off I-65 just about an hour north of Nashville. About two hours south of Louisville, KY.

July 21st Toyota Trucks Bluegrass Championship MX Series & Ballance Series (PM Event)

July 22nd - July 25th, TWO-A-DAY practices