Southern California MX Rider In Need


A note from Bill Scott:

Unfortunately theses types of things are happening far to often in the motocross community, but a longtime friend of mine was seriously injured riding his MX bike on June 3rd. His name is Bryan O'Neill and he crashed at a local Southern California MX Track and has badly broken his neck: Bryan has damaged his spine in the C2 through C7 vertebrae area from the accident and it is causing paralysis from the shoulders down.

Bryan has a Myspace page so you can learn more about him ( He is the husband of a wonderful wife, Amber, and is a new father to a young son, Ezra, who is now 18 months old; as you can imagine he is going to need everyone’s thoughts and prayers to pull through this difficult situation, and likewise, will need to take it day-by-day to get better.

If so inclined, please think about any possible financial help you may be able to provide Bryan and his family and there is a link on his site where you can donate. He is in one of those circumstances that we've all had have nightmares about.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out, and please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. Bryan is now at a Long Beach Rehabilitation Center and is in positive spirits but has a long road ahead of him.