Knight Wins Weekend Warrior Spartan GNCC

June 11, 2007 5:41am

Sparta, KY – Red Bull KTM’s David Knight returned to his winning ways in the Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series, taking the Weekend Warrior Spartan GNCC over the Am-Pro Yamaha duo of Charlie Mullins and Barry Hawk. Mullins, winner of the previous GNCC event, battled Knight hard for most of the race but came up short at the end, which puts Knight back into the series points lead.

David Knight

“Yeah, that last race should’ve been the same, but racing you get little problems every now and then, and I just had some little ones,” said Knight, of the Isle of Man. “I was in the lead early on, but it was real hard on the new single track—it’s hard to know where to go, you know, it’s easier to follow. So I got into that and I thought I’d try and gap everyone, but then I hit a rock and ended up on me face. I was back in fourth, so I just followed them guys, used my head and cruised around behind them. They were making a couple little mistakes here and there. I then got past Charlie near a mud hole and just stayed at the same pace, and then it seemed like I started pulling away.”

Mullins looked game for the Knight challenge but admitted he struggled a bit in the rocky, technical sections of the course. “After he (Knight) passed me I stayed in my own pace,” said Mullins. “I didn’t feel really comfortable today, the rocks messed with me. And it was really dry in the fields, and I seemed to struggle a little bit in the dry, rocky stuff.”

Rodney Smith

Hawk finished third for his fourth podium of the year, surviving a big battle with FMF Suzuki’s Jimmy Jarrett. Jarrett grabbed the Racer X Holeshot Award and led early before giving the lead to Mullins. He hung tough the rest of the day, but Hawk got him for the podium spot. “I could see David and Charlie up there in front of me in some spots, and then all of a sudden I don’t know what happened—they picked it up and I kept going the same pace, and they just pulled away from me. Hats off to them, they beat me today. It kind of reminds me of the South Carolina race, I got behind those guys and could never make up that last little bit, but today was a lot of fun. I raced with Jimmy Jarrett and we went back and forth. I could tell on the last lap he was running out of energy, in the open stuff he was going really fast and in the tight stuff he was going pretty slow. There was a section back there with a bunch of lines, and we zig-zagged through them and I came out in front o f him, and I just kept it hammered all the way to the finish.”

Jarrett’s teammate Glenn Kearney rounded out the top five.

In the XC Lites division, FMF Suzuki veteran Rodney Smith did it again, coming from behind to top Josh Weisenfels and Justin Williamson for the win. “That’s kind of what it’s been like all year, as whether or not I still want it that bad,” said Smith. “But I’m having a lot of fun out here riding with these guys, and I’m still pushing. But my hat is off to Josh. He’s been riding real well all year and I’ve been keeping my eye on him.”

Weisenfels, the full privateer, rode alone out front for most of the race before Smith and Williamson battled him near the end. “I was just riding smooth and I was just trying to save my energy,” said Weisenfels. “I was just riding, and about the third lap I hit a tree and bent my shifter. I missed some shifts after that, but I think I thought about winning too much, and it kind of got to me. I didn’t think I was going to get caught. Rodney caught me before that dusty field. I heard someone rev their bike real loud, and I turned around and saw it was Rodney was like “here we go.” I just did everything I could, but he rode awesome.”

Williamson picked up his pace late in the game to become a contender. “I thought I had it, but then I jumped a little ditch in the woods and cased it, got off balance and ran into a tree, and Rodney just cruised around like the veteran he is,” said Williamson.

XC1 Podium

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/FAR/Kawasaki’s Cole Calkins snagged the Holeshot Award, but crashed a split a radiator hose, dropping him from the race.

The XC2 riders were eighth, ninth and eleventh overall. Sixth overall went to the ever-consistent Kawasaki privateer Garrett Edmisten, seventh to AMA Enduro Champion Russ Bobbitt, and tenth to veteran Yamaha rider Brian Garrahan, his first top-ten overall after struggling with injuries for the last few seasons.

The 2007 Can-Am GNCC series continues in two weeks with the all-new Moose Racing Snowshoe GNCC in Snowshoe, WV on June 23 and 24.

Photos by David Scearce:

Results: Weekend Warrior GNCC
Sparta, KY
June 10, 2007


1. David Knight KTM  XC1
2. Charles Mullins YAM XC1
3. Barry Hawk, Jr YAM XC1
4. Jimmy Jarrett SUZ XC1
5. Glenn Kearney SUZ XC1
6. Garrett Edmisten KAW XC1
7. Russell Bobbitt KTM XC1
8. Rodney Smith  SUZ XC2
9. Josh Weisenfels YAM XC2
10. Brian Garrahan YAM XC1
11. Justin Williamson KTM XC2
12. Jesse Robinson KAW XC1
13. Joshua Strang SUZ XC1
14. Dustin Gibson KTM XC2
15. Robbie Jenks KTM  XC1
16. Thaddeus Duvall YAM XC2
17. Travis Green KAW XC2
18. Jason Gilleland KTM XC1
19. Scott Watkins KAW XC2
20. Jake Fiddler KTM 250 A


2007 Can-Am GNCC Overall Series Standings (After 7 of 13 rounds)

1. David Knight 149/3 wins
2. Charles Mullins 148/1 win
3. Garrett Edmisten 123/
4. Barry Hawk, Jr 119/1 win
5. Glenn Kearney 104
6. Shane Watts 92/1 win
7. Paul Whibley 84/1 win
8. Jimmy Jarrett 83
9. Jesse Robinson 77
10. Rodney Smith 72
11. Joshua Strang 69
12. Robbie Jenks 64
13. Justin Williamson 49
14. Thaddeus Duvall 48
15. Dustin Gibson 39
16. Scott Watkins 36
17. Kurt Caselli 34
18. Josh Weisenfels 33
19. Bryan Henson 22
20. Russell Bobbitt 19

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