Your Collection

June 1, 2007 6:51am

This week's collection comes from Trevor Kemp:

"Here are the pictures of the bike I have just finished. How building this came about was that I have two factory Majestys, one in the UK to ride when I am over visiting and one to ride here. I found an engine and a few bits in the UK to use as spares but found that the engine had been rebuilt and never used. Whilst I had to rebuild the bike I have over here I shipped the frame to my friends at Harris Performance in England and they copied it, but made it much lighter. The frame and swingarm weighs a mere 18 pounds. The bike features magnesium cases and hubs, alloy footrests, alloy shocks and titanium bolts everywhere. I redesigned the exhaust system and got that made at D&D here in Fort Worth. A lot of the parts I had to make, but as you can see it has turned out really nice.

The Majesty came about when Mick Andrews rode for the Yamaha factory. The production Yamaha was struggling to compete against the Spanish models. With permission of Yamaha who sold them the bikes, Mick got together with John Shirt and copied his factory bike, mainly frame and tank. They also make a 320cc by relining the cylinder and opening the mouth of the crankcases. The name Majesty cam from MA (Mick Andrews) JES (John E Shirt) and TY (Yamaha). Unfortunately my factory 360cc four-stroke Honda is now in a private museum in France. As HRC only made a few probably only about five, parts are non existent. All those beautiful sand cast magnesium crank cases you can't get. Impossible to ride it in any competition."

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